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Progressive Solutions for Urban Forest Management

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Brandywine Urban Forest offers progressive consulting solutions for the needs of Municipalities, Homeowner associations, Lawyers, Landscape architects, and residential clients.  From diagnosing insect or disease issues of a single specimen to the complete management of an entire municipalities forest assets we can provide technologically advanced programs and deliver results in the developed and developing green infrastructure.


ISA, PD-1829 BM

ASCA, RCA #711



Michael Dunn has been working in the Forestry related industries for 20 years.  He studied Geo/Environmental Studies at Shippensburg University.  After graduating from the Arizona Wildfire Academy,  he secured a job with the U.S.  Forest Service.  In short order,  he worked his way up to become a member of an elite wildland fire fighting organization, the Mormon Lake Hotshots, out of Flagstaff, Arizona. During the offseason, he would dedicate himself to learning the art and science of Arboriculture.  After nearly a decade of working for the U.S. Forest and Park Service, Mike returned to the East coast and started working as a professional arborist full time.  Mike founded Preservation Tree in 2009 and grew the business to serve 1200 clients.  Due to a shared focus on providing scientific and progressive tree care Preservation Tree was acquired by the Bartlett Tree Experts in June 2016.  Seeing the need for qualified Urban Forest managers and consulting Arborists Mike founded Brandywine Urban Forest Consultants in 2019.  Mike has been an ISA Certified Arborist since 2007 a Board-Certified Master Arborist since 2017 and an ASCA Registered Consulting Arborist since 2020.  He also holds qualifications in Tree Risk Assessment(TRAQ) and Tree Appraisal (TPAQ)   Mike is an active member of the Penn Del Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture. In Mike’s spare time, he enjoys mountain biking and spending time with his wife and sons.


●    Urban Forest Infrastructure Design and Implementation
●    Municipal Urban Forest Management Plan Creation
●    Urban Forest Software Development, Implementation and Hosting
●    Tree Inventory, Tracking, and Valuation
●    Tree Risk Assessment and Reporting
●    GIS Canopy Analysis and Mapping
●    Land Cover Mapping
●    Needs Assessments
●    EAB & SLF Program Creation
●    Tree Ordinance: Drafting and Consulting
●    Tree Preservation Planning and Implementation
●    Specimen and Historic Tree Management
●    Invasive Species Identification and Management
●    Greenway Management Plans for HOA's
●    Wetland Replanting Design and Installation
●    Riparian Vegetation Selection and Installation

●    Pre and Post Construction Site Assessment
●    Tree Preservation during Construction Process
●    Appraisal Work for Insurance and Municipal Needs
●    Expert witness for Legal Issues
●    Tree Forensic Investigations
●    Quantification of Ecological Benefits re: Tax Abatement
●    Golf Course Management Programs
●    Nursery Consulting
●    HOA Management Plan Creation
●    Tree work and Planting Crew Monitoring
●    Municipal Forester Services on Retainer
●    Training for Tree Industry
●    Public Outreach Program Planning and Coordination
●    Sustainable Landscape Design
●    Creation of Plant Health Care Programs for the Tree Service Industry