Project Description

Phoenixville Urban Forest Assessment

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We were hired by the Borough of Phoenixville to do a full Level II tree inventory as outlined in ISA’s Best Management Practices – Tree Risk Assessment, Second Edition (2017). The Borough was concerned about how their urban forest was aging and the high percentage of invasive trees. Public safety was a paramount concern as well a plan to improve the urban forest diversity rating going forward.


Worked with borough council to understand the needs of the inventory

Collected data in the field by mapping it on specialize software

Ran completed data base through the iTree Eco: Forest and Community Tree Assessment software to calculate the ecosystem benefits of the community

Ran data analysis to determine the diversity of the urban forest

Applied the 10/20/30 rule of diversity to qualify the ecosystem as properly diverse or not

Rated the urban forest’s health by diagnosing the conditions of the trees

Analyzed the DBH and tree species to approximate the age of the urban forest

Researched the goal of percent canopy cover given by the Tree Equity Score Analyzer and compare the data collected to the goal

Built a website with all the analyzed information, interactive maps and educational resources

Using the data collected and analysis to create a five-year management plan to increase diversity, canopy coverage, urban forest overall health and ecosystem benefits


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