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Forest Restoration

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After completing a landscape assessment we were contracted to restore a wooded region on a residential property.  Invasives species had taken over creating a vegetative wasteland of low ecological function and uninhabitable to native wildlife.


Collaborated with the client to build a forest that both functioned and meant their design standards

Removed invasives trees, shrubs, ground covers and perennials from the site

Source native trees and shrubs from native nursery’s including: Hemlocks, Rhododendron, Redbuds, Eastern Red Cedars, Oakleaf Hydrangeas, White Oaks, Red Twig Dogwoods and Azaleas.

Installed the trees and shrubs over a series of days

Treated poison ivy and retreated invasives

Managed the system after installation by structure pruning trees, preventing invasive recolonization and ensuring survival of installations

Created a front yard micro ecosystem of shrubs and ground cover as a supplement to the restored forest


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