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Tree Inventory Wilmington DE

Tree Inventory

Tree inventories appraisals, and analysis inform community and city planners on long term strategic decisions. Using both GIS and Autocad platforms, Brandywine Urban Forestry Consultants collaborate across industries to design and implement plans that meet both environmental and design goals. Consultants lend data and expertise of the green infrastructure and are instrumental in successful management of the urban canopy lifecycle.


  • Tree Risk Assessment Report

  • Needs Assessments

  • Complete Tree Inventory

  • Environmental Benefit Data Collection

  • Urban Forest Appraisal

  • Urban Forest Canopy Analysis

  • 3-5 year management program

  • Urban Forest Management Programs

Tree Inventory – Industries Served

  • Homeowner Associations

  • Retirement Communities

  • Arboretums & Public Gardens

  • Townships & Municipalities

  • Commercial and Residential Properties

  • Government Institutions

  • College Campuses

  • Non profit Organizations


Brandywine Urban Forest are a team of consulting arborists, and green industry professionals who are experienced in working with municipal, commercial and residential clients

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